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Mullet Festival Rides & Food

The Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival is an annual music and food festival held the third weekend in October in the friendly community of Niceville, Fla.



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The Mullet Festival features big-name entertainment, art and home hand-crafts, carnival rides, games, attractions, exhibits, and plenty of carnival food.

The festival celebrates the lowly mullet. In its early days, Niceville’s fishing industry relied substantially on the mullet.

Times have changed, and there is no longer a mullet fishing industry in Niceville. But there is a Mullet Festival!

The annual festival honoring the mullet began in 1976 as a small event unheard of outside of Niceville.  There was no admission charge and the entertainment consisted of local talent.

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For many folks living in and around Niceville, the Mullet Festival was a reunion of sorts. It was an event that brought the townsfolk together at the same time and place every year, allowing them to renew old friendships and celebrate with their neighbors.

While those days are gone, today the Mullet Festival is one of the South’s most celebrated music and food festivals and has been named one of the top 12 food festivals in the nation. It offers fun for the entire family!

The Mullet Festival is located at the intersection of State Road 85 North and College Boulevard in Niceville.

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